Marriage Counselling

What is Marriage Counselling?

Choosing a life partner is no easy task, especially as it’s one of the most important decisions one has to make in life. Sady, not every decision is the right one and sometimes rifts can happen between married couples. Things do not always work as intended, and sometimes, differences can lead to the ending of alliances.

Whether you are facing fights, domestic abuse, mental or physical trauma, communication problems, or any other financial, emotional or sexual concern, this is the time when the need for external help through the form of counseling is recommended.

A marriage counselor can understand and empathize with both sides of a married couple’s story and can provide guidance and remedial advice on the basis of their judgment. In many cases, marriage fallouts and divorces can be avoided by amicably resolving the disputes between a married couple.

How Does It Work?

Our couples counselling is done in 2 Modes: In-person & Virtual. 

Once you come onboard with us, you shall have to remain associated with us for a minimum of 10 sessions (2 sessions/month.)

After taking our counselling, couples feel that their emotional bonding has improved. Positive emotional bonding affects physical & mental relations in a great way. So with such couple counselling, you can also enjoy better physical & mental wellness.

We talk to couples separately & also talk to them collectively. Some initial sessions might be full of shouting & fights, but once the flow goes on, couples feel more attached. Our counselling helps couples analyze the good, the bad & the worst they have in their relationship.

In short, our therapy assists couples in identifying & eliminating their problems for healthier relationships.

Whether you are married or planning to do so, it’s always good to seek the right guidance. However, some issues in relationships cannot be solved automatically. So the quicker you seek help, the better choices you can make in life.

How Can We Help?

We have a team of relationship experts, psychologists & marriage experts who have years of experience helping estranged couples. In fact, 84% of the couples who have visited us choose to stay together after our counselling.

Our scientifical methods have been tried & tested over decades, ensuring positive results for almost every couple. We strictly adopt a scientific approach to achieve the best results for our clients.

Who Should Take Marriage Counselling Sessions?
  • If you feel your partner is not always available emotionally
  • If you constantly disagree with your partner on all of the important life issues
  • If there a financial issue is causing a rift between you two
  • If family problems are causing issues between you & your partner
  • If your partner is suffering from any substance abuse (drugs, alcohol etc.)
  • If you keep fighting with your partner on the same issue again & again
  • If you are struggling to keep your marriage together
  • If there is a possibility of an extra-marital affair on any side
5 Reasons Why Marriage Counselling is important